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Strategic Plan

Strategy 2020, the current strategic plan, lays the foundation for the College for 2017-20. The plan is the result of extensive consultation and provides a focus to Council’s priorities and financial allocations and is centered around five key objectives.

Key Objectives

  • Advance public voice in regulatory policy
  • Promote professionalism and self-regulation in the practice of veterinary medicine
  • Achieve commitment to the Legislative Reform of the Veterinarians Act
  • Ensure agility in public access to veterinary medicine
  • Champion One Health initiatives through veterinary leadership

Strategy 2017 Outcomes Report

In September 2013, the Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario approved a strategic framework for launch in 2014.  Titled Strategy 2017, the plan highlighted four key objectives as the focus of Council’s attention.  This report serves as a public report on the progress achieved over the last 3 years based on the vision for each objective set at the time.

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