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The College of Veterinarians of Ontario regulates the delivery of veterinary medicine in Ontario. All veterinarians who practise in Ontario must be licensed by the College.

In serving the public interest, the College seeks to understand the risks involved in the practice of veterinary medicine and collaborates with partners to develop solutions which reduce the potential for harm to animals and people.

The College:

  • Issues licences to qualified individuals
  • Sets standards to improve the quality and safety of veterinary care
  • Inspects and accredits veterinary facilities to assure a safe, professional environment
  • Investigates and resolves concerns about a veterinarian and his/her practice
  • Administers quality practice programs to promote ongoing improvement and growth

The College licenses approximately 5,000 veterinarians and accredits over 2,300 veterinary facilities in Ontario. The role and authority of the College is set out in the Veterinarians Act and regulations made under this legislation.

The veterinary profession in Ontario has been regulated since 1877.

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